HAT 1/32 SYW Austrian Grenadiers test shot painted and based!

Hi There! Finally finished these, painted as Grenadiers of the Sachsen Gotha Regiment. Hope you like them!

And some more additional images ;-)) 

the action posses

Now I am in a luxurious position...I really feel like picking new sets to paint from my arsenal, but I also don't want to add much more new projects to let others remain unfinished...I am glad I can now return to my beloved Napoleonic era. I have two bigger unfinished projects of which one is a unit of 8 Helmet Soldiers (by Eric Kemp) Horse Grenadiers. I have been working on them for I think about a year now, on and off. They still require some glueing and green stuff-ing haha. Before I can spray paint them. The other is a ''project'' I started in the spring of this year, mainly one of my first Italeri figures I required I think around 2012/2013. It was in my hometown where I bought a small collection of an army veteran who had various A call to Arms and Italeri figures which I bought for super cheap. The bunch included my first Italeri (badly painted) Hussars and also my First Italeri Austrians were amongst them(which I have now repainted). Its the French Horse Artillery set of which I think is always really nice but the heads just did not seem right to me. I enlarged them by adding greenstuff and also left the plumes off to give them I more campaign-style look. I will make up my mind about what's next!
Stay tuned


  1. Beautifully done Stan—even if they are from the 'wrong' period, hahahaha!!
    Silly jokes aside, they are superb!

  2. Ha ha! Thank you James! Well, I must say..I am very happy to be back working on the one true period! Hahaha! Pictures will follow soon ;-)


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